Bio-energy Solutions

Environment friendly Energy from Bio-Gas

We provide Technology/ Consultancy services mainly in two focal points:-

•Utilization of rural/urban/Industrial (Food, Bakery, Paper & pulp etc.) agro based waste for generation of Bio-CNG & enriched Bio fertilizer by way of preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for availment of bank finance as well as subsidy from MNRE by the entrepreneur Company.

•The other focal area is introduction of comparatively smaller size of Digesters to various Institutes, Malls/ Food -Courts, large housing complexes both in rural and urban areas so that the waste disposal of the said organizations become easier with simultaneous reduction of Green House Gas.
•We offer a broad service and support portfolio. Our services range from general consultancy and preliminary studies to the construction of entire project and technical support on their operation followed by regular service follow up.

Portable Bio-Digesters

Cooking fuel - Suitable for Factory Canteens, Hotels, Apartments, Colleges, Restaurants. Fuel for a generator for producing electricity – for household or community Fuel for running any IC engine – for household/community applications like water pumping Methane (natural gas), an already well established fuel.

Large Biogas Plants

For commercialization, its area of application may widen; from cooking fuel to vehicle fuel & , it should be bottled like CNG. Before bottling, it should enriched in methane content from 55 % to 95 %; similar to CNG.
For economic viability of biogas bottling, its availability should be in large quantity.
Biogas bottling may start new business venture in villages & create employment opportunities for many people.

Commercial Size Biogas Plant:
We offer wide range of Commercial Biogas Plants starting from 10 m3 to 2000 m3 biogas production per day.
Waste input will vary from 100 Kgs/day to 25 MT per day.

Bio-CNG Bottling Plant
As a case study bellow is the summary of a 2000 m3 Bio-CNG Bottling Plant Project.
The proposed Bio-Methanation Plant has the capacity to generate 2000 Nm3 raw Biogas per day with the help of 25 M.T. of Mixed wastes per day. It is envisaged that from the 1st year the plant will work at a capacity 100%.
Mixed waste based Biogas has around 55-65% methane (CH4), 30-35% carbon dioxide(CO2), with Few trace of gases such as, Nitrogen(N2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S),& Hydrogen (H2)
The digested slurry will be used for Vermi composting & in the process around 15% of Biomass i.e. mixed waste used will be available for Vermi Composting with addition of water hyacinth, (which is abundantly available in the surrounding villages).
The Project has been proposed for undertaking production of only two items i.e.
Bio-CNG (purified Biogas with methane percentage of 94 to 98%) &
Organic Fertilizer by way of partial dewatering of digested slurry followed by process of Vermi composting.