Solar Energy Solutions

Renewable & Environment friendly Energy

Our journey towards Renewable Energy sector has flagged off with our Projects in Solar Sector through installation of Roof Top Solar PV Plants both On Grid & Off-Grid Systems as per requirement of our clients in Commercial & Residential High rises. 
We have successfully installed various Off-Grid Rooftop Solar PV System in luxury highrises under a leading real estate company in India.
Many high rises in Kolkata are currently installing Rooftop Solar PV Systems as per guidelines prescribed by Government for high rises exceeding 15 mtrs to use Solar Energy for its own captive use or supply to grid.

Solar Photovoltaic means Electricity from the Sunlight.
There are three types of photovoltaic applications commonly practiced in India.

A)Grid connected
B)Off Grid
C)Hybrid [a balanced combination of grid connected & off grid system].

Grid connected system:

It is ideal for areas where dependable grid quality electricity is there. This is the system without Battery. In such a system, electricity being generated from Solar PV Power plant is fed to the grid during day time. The user (at whose premises, the PV power plant is installed) will consume electricity, available from the conventional grid. The user cannot avail the Solar Power, as it directly feeds to the grid. In case of grid failure, the user cannot avail any electricity.

Benefits of such system are reduction of electricity bill of the user in two ways:

a] Lower rate of tariff slab and

b] Lower amount of consumption of electricity.

All the components we are providing to our valued customers for Roof Top On-Grid Net Metering  Solar Power System are from reputed companies.

All modules are tested 100% by EL (Electroluminescence) during Production & free from cracks. Our high-performance modules are highly efficient, reliable and provide optimal output. Solar modules are highly efficient, reliable and provide optimal output. Solar modules are compliance with global standard including MNRE, IEC 61215, 61730 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 18001:2007, MCS High module efficiency is obtaining top performance even in diffused light conditions. We are one of the top emerging companies in providing our customers with maximum sunlight conversion.

•Generation of environmentally clean energy.
•Long term reliable power source.
•Consumer becomes generator for own electricity
•Reduction in diesel consumption wherever DG backup is provided.
•Feeding excess power to the Grid.
•Solar Power cost is fixed for 25 years.
•Very low maintenance cost.
•The Break Even Point (BEP) of any Solar Power Plant is around 4-6 years after which a long & stable income is generated for a period of 25 years.

The SPV generator shall pay for the net energy in a supply tariff decided by the regulatory commission to the concerned Discom, if the consumption from grid is more than the injected energy by the SPV sources of the consumer Any excess/surplus energy injected into the grid in a billing month will be treated as inadvertent and no payment will be paid for such energy.

Solar Stand Alone/Off-Grid System :

Off grid System:
  This is the system with batter back up. This system can be installed at any areas like where grid is available and also at areas where grid is not available. This system can be operated across the year and even at the time of power failure. This system will also reduce electricity bill as regular use of such system will reduce electricity consumption.
Off-Grid System Advantages:

•Have access to power continuously all time
•Investment against increasing grid charges
•Low maintenance cost
•Batteries designed for longer life
•Power usage based on smart electronics
•It consists of Charge Controller with Plant integration.
•High efficiency DC-AC power conversion.
•Low current distortion & high PF during charging mode.
•Available from 650 VA to 3.2 KVA in wide Voltage Range available. Auto Start conversion from UPS system when Solar Power available Solar to Battery or AC mains.


Solar Hybrid System

 This system is partly grid connected and is partly with battery back-up. From such system, a portion of electricity generated will fed to the grid and the balance portion will charge the battery for self consumption of the user. This system will reduce the electricity bill and will also provide electricity to the user at the time of grid power failure with the help of battery bank.