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Socially Responsible - We Are

As a business organization of a third-world country, we understand the need of the society. We do our best to support the initiatives which build up the country from it's grass-root level. Not only as a good-will gesture, but the fact that if a country strengthens from it's roots, i.e. the underprevileged sections and interior villages, the economy grows in a sustained manner.
Happy peoply, healthy and educated society leads towards a booming economy which in turn helps our own growth.
We work with an identified partner NGO for the upliftment of the society, esp. the underprevileged one.
Together we work for employment generation in the rural areas utilizing our specialized area of expertise, i.e. green energy.
Besides that, running and opening subsidized free schools for children for the empowerment of the society through education.
We are further planning to establish free health-units for tratment and regular health-check ups, besides occational health check up camps.
We are taking the initiative for creating more self-help groups for financial upliftment of the rural society and have been organizing sensetization programs and free training camps on regular basis.

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