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Spearhead welcomes you to join Junior ,Basic & Advanced English Speaking Training programs. These courses are designed to make students & job seekers & working personnel understand , speak, write and read English, and further enhance their English language skills.These courses help you to expand your vocabulary, get correct diction, frame correct sentences, speak fluent and neutral English. It gives you enough practice on group discussions, email writing, developing presentation skills. At the end of the courses you would be able to speak fluent English in any given situation, get a good command over grammatical errors, speak neutral English and will have a better understanding of the British and American accent. In short you will be able to express your ideas and thoughts more effectively.
Our courses are designed keeping objectives in mind:
1.To make students/graduates/anyone computer-literate
2. To equip people with data processing & office automation skills which are a must in today's computerized corporate world






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Spearhead is there when you need the most

• We understand Indian , particularly Bengali , learners as no others do.
• 5 Years of experience.
• A comprehensive and proprietary curriculum.
• A methodology that delivers.

• Trilingual approach to Teaching corporate English to help a seamless transition to thinking in English.
• Trained people across all verticals-from schools to Core banking and corporate sector, from IT to hospitality industry.
• Over 50 Corporate Clients.
• Pre-training, mid-training and post-training assessments.

• Customized training.
• Faculty Recruitment and training at HO.
• Effective management information system.
• First choice of not just individuals but also corporate houses.

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